60 Easy Psychology Dissertation Topics

60 Easy Psychology Dissertation Topics

Even people who haven't chosen psychology as their major show interest in this field. One might have noticed that this sphere has become extremely popular in the last few years, so qualified specialists are in high demand nowadays. People strive to cope with their mental issues, change behavior patterns and sort things out. As a future graduate, you should examine various psychology dissertation topics to understand what will become the foundation for your final project. It is important to pick up an appealing theme that involves a lot of work ahead. Just make sure you can find enough information within the subject to do proper research and provide robust evidence to support your ideas. If you don't know what to write about, you can resort to brainstorming, check some psychology papers examples, or choose one of the themes mentioned below..

Pay Attention to Psychology Research Topics Within a Specific Branch

It can be challenging to decide what to write about when it comes to such an interesting and multifaceted field as psychology. The key to success is to pick up a narrow theme that allows focusing on the subject. Nonetheless, make sure there is enough information to examine, so you can provide quality evidence to back up your ideas. One of the ways to narrow down the research area is to dwell on a specific psychology branch. For instance, you may start with looking through social psychology dissertation topics and then narrow it down to a specific aspect. Thus, social psychology may involve discrimination (e.g., racism), marketing, propaganda, love, attraction, prosocial behavior, cults, etc. Your potential theme within this psychology branch may look the following way:

  1. Peculiarities of the concept of modern social and cultural psychology.
  2. Correlation between social networks and deterioration of mental issues in teenagers.
  3. How to assess changes in social attitudes through a study of TV advertising.
  4. Behavioral game theory: how players develop strategic thinking?
  5. Influence of social judging on self-perception and confidence.
  6. How can music contribute to the reduction of the crime rate?
  7. Features of cognitive dissonance and its influence on interpersonal relationships.
  8. Psychological root causes of racism.
  9. Is it possible to fall in love at first sight?
  10. Strong and weak spots of contemporary cultural psychology.

Work on Interesting Psychology Topics About a Disorder or a Therapy Type

You can approach the subject from a new perspective and examine a specific psychological disorder or required therapy methods. Clinical psychology represents a scope of sound knowledge, theory, expertise in the field, and science aimed to improve understanding and prevent mental (psychological) dysfunctions and improve behavioral well-being. Specialists in this field conduct research, teach, treat addictions, assess disorders, develop and manage programs to deal with social issues. For example, you can focus on one of the eating disorders or phobias, investigate depression or seasonal affective disorder, etc. Clinical psychology dissertation topics look the following way:

  1. The role of ventromedial prefrontal cortex in psychopathology.
  2. Fundamentals of schizophrenia.
  3. Social and personal issues connected with autism disorder.
  4. Reasons for excessive auditory hallucinations in people with schizophrenia compared to visual ones.
  5. What methods are more fruitful in treating phobias: medication, behavioral techniques, or cognitive therapy?
  6. The difference in the symptoms of ADHD in kids and adults.
  7. Correlation between autism and intellectual development disorder.
  8. Root causes of eating disorders in adults.
  9. The enabling environment for the development of major depressive disorder.
  10. Assessment of post-traumatic stress disorder from social and personal perspectives.

Pick Up a Topic Related to Human Cognition

When it comes to easy psychology dissertation topics, one cannot but mention cognitive psychology since it is one of the most popular ones. This area is aimed at investigating the way your brain represents info. Thus, people carry out experiments, resort to computer modeling, and, of course, neuropsychology. They want to get how your brain encodes information at the micro and macro levels. This area involves so many aspects, so it will not be a big deal to choose something to your liking. In fact, your theme can be somehow connected with dreams, attention, fake memories, self-perception, judgment, language, etc. Therefore, you can choose one of the following options:

  1. Correlation between emotional state and pain perception.
  2. Peculiarities of social learning: advantages and drawbacks.
  3. The connection between impaired social cognition and anxiety disorders.
  4. Functions of the prefrontal cortex in relation to other brain areas.
  5. How education affects the development and improvement of functions of the cortex.
  6. Different processing styles of the right and left hemispheres.
  7. Fundamentals of long-term memory functioning.
  8. What role does the prefrontal cortex play in short-term memory?
  9. Main characteristics of episodic memory and its importance for a person's well-being.
  10. What are brain areas responsible for attention?

Consider Topics in Developmental Psychology

It represents a separated direction in psychology aimed at investigating how kids' behavior changes over time. They consider these changes from various perspectives, paying special attention to intelligence, different types of skills, language, and stuff. Developmental psychology comes in handy for doctors, parents, teachers, and other people who deal with young people. If you are interested in this field, you can write a dissertation on the following themes:

  1. Key changes that happen during cognitive development.
  2. How do interpersonal relationships in a family affect a kid's academic performance?
  3. How does culture affect conversational understanding?
  4. Development of action planning in kids.
  5. Innovative ways of treatment of developmental disorders.
  6. Differences in children's development depending on the social environment they grow up in.
  7. Root causes of bullying among teenagers.
  8. How does media violence influence children?
  9. Peculiarities of prenatal development.
  10. Pros and cons of helicopter parenting for children.

Pick Up Forensic Psychology Dissertation Topics

If you have decided to combine interesting legal topics with the science of human behavior, then you might be looking for themes in forensic psychology. The field has started gaining momentum for the last decades, so the number of students who opt for this psychology branch constantly increases. If you want to write your paper in forensic psychology, pay attention to the following topics:

  1. The key reasons for increasing the number of home-grown terrorists.
  2. Weak spots of rehabilitation in modern prisons.
  3. What are children more prone to committing murder?
  4. How does law enforcement affect a private life?
  5. Mass killing in the USA: key reasons.
  6. Why does society turn a blind eye to domestic violence done by women?
  7. Who do become victims of copycat crimes most often?
  8. Can upbringing serve as a preventive measure against the appearance of serial killers?
  9. Correlation between childhood trauma and antisocial behavior in adults.
  10. Weak spots of US family law: what are possible ways of improvement?

Consider Dissertation Topics in Industrial Psychology

Unlike other branches of psychology that deal with general psychological aspects, this one applies to the work environment. Specialists who have decided to devote themselves to this field study 'work' from all possible angles. They consider the influence of unpaid effort, vacation, hobbies, etc., on a human being, trying to solve the issues and increase efficiency. In other words, they put practice above theory. If you want to immerse yourself in this sphere, you can consider the next themes:

  1. What things do influence faculty participation in distance education in postsecondary education in the US?
  2. Advantages and drawbacks of corporate training.
  3. How different types of feedback affect a person's self-esteem and self-perception.
  4. Vulnerability in leadership: what mental issues do people face?
  5. How to find a work and life balance if you are a workaholic?
  6. How to improve communication skills in the workplace?
  7. The guiding principles for companies during staff recruitment.
  8. Correlation between physical activity and the work efficiency of employees.
  9. How to increase loyalty and motivation in the workforce?
  10. Peculiarities of a multicultural workplace.

How to Write a Decent Dissertation

The scope of possible themes is not limited to the branches mentioned above, so you can also consider dissertation topics in counseling psychology or ones connected with the pandemic, for instance. Anyway, your professors would like to see your interest in the chosen topic, so try to pick up a theme that looks appealing to you and can be catchy for your target audience. Of course, it must be relevant and deal with some acute social issues, so before you proceed to prepare your thesis proposal, ask yourself how much the chosen theme can help you achieve the desired result. A dissertation is a special type of paper, so you should also pay special attention to its creation.

Make sure to follow all the requirements provided by your teacher, so they will not lower your grade just because you have skipped some aspects. When the main part of work is over, it is better to put it aside for several days and switch your attention to something else. Thus, when you get back to your paper again, it will be much easier to look at it with fresh eyes and bring it to perfection. Proofreading and editing are no less important than the research and writing process. Besides, make sure to create a well-crafted reference list that contains all the information about the sources utilized throughout your paper. If your processor hasn't mentioned the required citation format, it is worth clarifying this moment beforehand not to get into trouble.